Nancy Slonim Aronie

Nancy Slonim Aronie is the author of Writing from the Heart. A former commentator for NPR’s “All Things Considered,” she received the Derek Bok Teacher of the Year award at Harvard for two consecutive years, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Artist in Residence “Eye of the Beholder” award. She teaches the Chilmark Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard.

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Nancy Lunney-Wheeler

Nancy Lunney-Wheeler, MA, is noted for her work combining Gestalt with music, and with Systemic Constellations. Out of her background in vocal coaching and music theater, she has also developed her popular workshop “Singing Gestalt.” For 30 years Nancy served as director of programs for Esalen Institute, where she now serves as senior advisor.

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Nadine McNeil

Nadine McNeil is a Jamaican-born yogini, humanitarian, and passionate storyteller. She is an evolutionary catalyst committed to global transformation. Intricately, she weaves yoga wisdom into a tapestry of former U.N. service, primarily in emergency response and crisis management. In 2010 Nadine founded Universal Empress to amplify her mission.

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Mutima Rose Imani

Mutima Rose Imani, WisdomWomen steward, is a social justice visionary, trainer, and facilitator. As a global diversity specialist, she is highly skilled at bringing diverse groups together to practice heart centeredness and resolve conflicts. She is inspired to call forth the highest intention and innate wisdom in women for a more loving world.

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Morris Ervin

Morris H. Ervin, Jr. is an educator, motivational speaker, and wellness coach committed to helping youth, families, schools, communities, and institutions turn fear into strength, and pain into passion. Morris is a mindfulness instructor at University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, and he was a public school teacher for ten years.

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Mollie McNeil

Mollie McNeil is a published writer who studied English and American literature in the doctoral program of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She taught writing there, at Mills College in Oakland, and at De Anza College in Cupertino, Calif.

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Misha Rauchwerger

Misha Rauchwerger began his career studying engineering and physics at Cal Poly, SLO. In addition to years of public school teaching, Misha has taught numerous classes in sustainable design, permaculture, natural building, and fermentation over the last 20 years. He has spent much of his adult life in the building trades, and has studied biodynamic agriculture, permaculture, and environmental studies.

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Mirabai Bush

Mirabai Bush is founder and Senior Fellow at the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society. She has been teaching workshops and courses on contemplative practice in life and work for 45 years, integrating her experience in organizational management, teaching and consulting. A key contributor to Google’s Search Inside Yourself curriculum, Mirabai has studied with many spiritual teachers and co-authored Compassion in Action and Walking Each Other Home with Ram Dass.

Mingtong Gu

Mingtong Gu is an internationally recognized teacher and healer who received his training from a variety of Grandmasters in China and at the world's largest qigong hospital.

Mikey Siegel

Mikey Siegel is excited by science and technology supporting human flourishing and collective awakening. He teaches at Stanford University, is founder of Consciousness Hacking, BioFluent Technologies and the Transformative Technology Conference. He received an MS from the MIT Media Lab.

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Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins is the author of Focus on the Good Stuff, Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, and Nothing Changes Until You Do. He delivers seminars around the world, his books are translated into 14 different languages, and he writes for The Huffington Post.

Mike Lousada

Mike Lousada is the founder of pioneering Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy based on psychotherapy, neuroscience, trauma therapy, and bodywork. He is a Hay House author, psychotherapist, clinical sexologist, and international teacher. He teaches alongside his wife and fellow psychotherapist, Louise Mazanti.

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Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage, and son of don Miguel Ruiz. By combining the wisdom of his family’s traditions with the knowledge gained from his own personal journey, he now helps others realize their own path to personal freedom.

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Michelle Stransky

Michelle Stransky, founder of WisdomWomen, was previously the conference director at Wisdom 2.0. A former management consultant and executive coach, she is now committed to co-creating community and new models of living and working through the journey of embodied wisdom.

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Michelle Gannon

Michelle Gannon, PhD, is a San Francisco-based clinical psychologist, relationship expert, and Hold Me Tight® Workshop and Rising Strong™ Workshop leader. She is a certified supervisor and therapist in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Michelle teaches internationally.

Michelle Becker

Michelle Becker, LMFT,developed the Cultivating Compassion for Couples program. She is a certified teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, Compassion Cultivation Training, and The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ programs. She teaches and speaks on the topics of compassion for self and others nationally and internationally.

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Micheline Berry

Micheline Berry infuses world art and culture into her synthesis of Vinyasa yoga, Buddhist meditation/psychology and creative process. Known for catalyzing personal transformation and liberating creative expression, she leads Liquid Asana™ Yoga+Creativity programs, teacher trainings and retreats worldwide.

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Michele Lilyanna

Michele Lilyanna has taught in the Canadian public education system for over thirty years, focusing on social and emotional learning. She has trained extensively in Nonviolent Communication and has had a mindfulness meditation practice for many years. She lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia with her partner and two sons.

Michele Hébert

Michele Hébert, E RYT-500, co-founder of the Raja Yoga Institute, has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1977 in private practice, yoga teacher trainings, and group retreats. She is the author of The Tenth Door: An Adventure through the Jungles of Enlightenment.

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Michele Cassou

Michele Cassou, painter and teacher, developed the Point Zero Painting Method, using painting for self-discovery, self-expression and exploring the spiritual dimensions of the creative process. She is the founder of the Cassou Institute for Creative Freedom and teaches around the world.

Michaela Boehm

Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally on the intersection of intimacy and embodiment. She combines her extensive counseling experience (30,000 hours) with in-depth training in the yogic arts to offer experiential embodied learning.

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Michael Sapiro

Michael Sapiro, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist, Dharma and meditation teacher, former Buddhist monk and a Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. He teaches nationally on the art and science of transformation, expanded human capabilities, self-care and meditation for personal awakening and collective transformation.

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Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan is a writer, teacher, and activist. His most recent book is How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression and Transcendence. All seven of his previous books were New York Times bestsellers.

Michael Molin-Skelton

Michael Molin-Skelton holds many things sacred, including the love of his life, Anneli, the miracle they named Jaylan, friends that cherish and challenge him, dancing alone, and dancing with you. Michael is a senior faculty member of the Soul Motion™ school.

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Michael Guy Thompson

Michael Guy Thompson, PhD, is a psychoanalyst who worked with R.D. Laing for many years. He continues to work with extreme states, and has been training therapists for more than 30 years. His books include The Death of Desire: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness.

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Michael Gelbart

Michael Gelbart, LCSW, is an integrative psychotherapist offering mindfulness-based, somatic, pragmatic, and depth work, and relational coaching in Berkeley and San Leandro, Calif. He facilitates intimacy work by deepening capacities to regulate physiology and communicate with compassion and integrity.

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Michael Gelb

Michael J. Gelb works with visionary leaders around the world to support them in nurturing more innovative and human-centered cultures. He inspires and equips these leaders with the creative thinking tools and conscious communication strategies that help translate ideals into reality. Michael has numerous corporate clients and has authored 16 books, which have been translated into 25 languages and have sold more than one million copies.

Michael Cornwall

Michael Cornwall, PhD, MFT, has done therapy with people in extreme states since 1980 in medication-free sanctuaries and community settings. He completed doctoral research on the Jungian sanctuary, Diabasis House, and leads Esalen workshops and conferences on extreme states. He blogs on

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Michael Clemmens

Michael Craig Clemmens, PhD, is a psychologist and trainer in Pittsburgh. He is a faculty member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland and teaches at the Metanoia Institute in London and at Esalen. He is the author of Getting Beyond Sobriety (1997), Embodied Relational Gestalt :Theory and Applications (2019) and numerous articles on Gestalt therapy, body process and addiction.

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Mia Segal

Mia Segal was Moshé Feldenkrais’ first assistant, collaborator, and associate. She has been acclaimed worldwide as the standard bearer for the applications and philosophy of Dr. Feldenkrais' Mind Body Studies. Mia has devoted her life to training practitioners worldwide.

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Mestre Beiçola

Mestre Beiçola is a native of Brazil and 30-year master of capoeira, an African-Brazilian martial art and dance form. Now based in East Palo Alto, Calif., Mestre has taught capoeira, Brazilian dance, percussion and stringed instruments at Stanford, UC Berkeley and elsewhere.

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Meredith Haberfeld

Meredith Haberfeld is acclaimed for her work with individuals, couples, and families. She participated in the creation of the life coaching program at MIT, and her advice has been included in Forbes, Woman’s Day, and Yoga Journal magazines.

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Menas Kafatos

Menas Kafatos is professor of Computational Physics and Director of Excellence at Chapman University in Orange, Calif. He has worked at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and authored numerous books, including The Conscious Universe: Parts and Wholes in Physical Reality.

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Melody Moore

Melody Moore, PhD, RYT, is the founder of Embody Love Movement, a clinical psychologist, international yoga teacher, author, social entrepreneur and faculty member for Off the Mat, Into the World. She is also an expert in eating disorder prevention and recovery.

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Melissa Krikorian

Melissa Krikorian, MPT, is a licensed physical therapist using Cortical Field Re-Education (CFR) mindfulness training to address orthopedic issues. Providing continuing education units for physical therapists in neuroplasticity, she teaches internationally and has a private practice in Westlake Village, Calif.

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Melinda Naye

Melinda Naye is an instructor with the Upledger Institute who teaches CranioSacral Therapy (CST) worldwide. She is passionate about the CST paradigm that asserts the body can heal itself. She lives and practices in Auburn, Calif.

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Melanie DeMore

Melanie DeMore is a preeminent vocal artist helping to preserve the African American folk tradition through song and Gullah stick pounding. She is a singer/songwriter, composer, conductor and vocal activist who believes in the power of voices raised together.

Mehrad Nazari

Mehrad Nazari, PhD, E-RYT 500, co-founded Raja Yoga Institute. He received initiation from Yogi Raj Walt Baptiste, Swami Veda Bharati of India, and the Zen Master Kyozan Joshu Roshi of Japan and H.H. the Dalai Lama. Dr. Nazari also is the founder of Enlightened Negotiation, where he promotes the application of yoga principles in our daily life.

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Maurizio Benazzo

Maurizio Benazzo co-founded Science and Nonduality, a community that honors and nurtures the exploration and experience of nonduality as a pathway to greater wisdom and well-being in the context of the unique challenges of the 21st century.

Matthew Engelhart

Matthew Engelhart is co-owner of Café Gratitude. He has coauthored 3 books with Terces Engelhart, and when they are not on the road speaking or teaching, he and Terces live on “Be Love” Organic Farm where they grow food for their 7 restaurants.

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Matt Englar-Carlson

Matt Englar-Carlson is a professor of counseling and co-director and founder of the Center for Boys and Men at California State University, Fullerton. A fellow of the American Psychological Association, he specializes in educating helping professionals about the mental-health needs of men.

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Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Mary Elizabeth Murphy is an expert at creating innovative grassroots campaigns for independent films that target niche markets. She has worked on the Academy Award®-winning film The Cove, and other indie hits such as Pina, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Buck, and The Way.

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Mary Ann Kraus

Mary Ann Kraus, PsyD, is a clinical/community psychologist and faculty member at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. She has co-created and co-chaired training programs in Working with Individuals, Working with Couples, Working with Groups, and the introductory Gestalt Training Program.

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Martine Amita Algier

Martine Amita Algier is a certified trainer with The Center for Nonviolent Communication and a founding member of the West Marin Community Mediation Board, teaching and consulting with families, business groups, schools, and other organizations in California and Europe since the 1960s.

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