Phillip Moffitt

Phillip Moffitt, former CEO and editor-in-chief of Esquire magazine, is the founder of Life Balance Institute where he trains individuals and groups in the principles of values-based leadership and living. He is a pioneer in creating and leading programs based on the emerging field of Adult Developmental Stages. Phillip is the author of numerous books including Emotional Chaos to Clarity and Dancing with Life.

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Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd is the author of New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-First Century, which shows how our relationship with the body has changed over history, and serves as the template for all our relationships.

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Peter Sterios

Peter Sterios is a creative instructor, writer, and originator of LEVITYoga™. Yoga Journal included his DVD, Gravity & Grace, in their “top 15 yoga videos of all time.” Peter taught yoga at the White House for Michelle Obama's anti-obesity initiatives between 2011 and 2013. He teaches internationally.

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Peter Selwyn

Peter Selwyn, MD, MPH, is chairman of the Department of Family and Social Medicine and director of the Palliative Care Program at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY. He facilitates workshops on grief and loss, and is the author of Surviving the Fall: The Personal Journey of an AIDS Doctor.

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Peter Sandhill

Peter Sandhill, MA, is a workshop facilitator, counselor and executive coach. He passionately assists people of all ages and backgrounds to create lives filled with joy, love, purpose and possibility. Peter has been involved in the men’s movement for most of his adult life.

Peter Russell

Peter Russell blends scientific rationale, global vision, and intuitive wisdom to bring a sharp, critical mind to the challenge of self-awakening. He has degrees in theoretical physics, experimental psychology, and computer science, and his books include From Science to God: A Physicist’s Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness.

Peter Rengel

Peter Rengel, MA, has been facilitating love, intimacy and sexuality workshops since 1989. He has a private practice in San Anselmo, Calif. He is a Heart Meditation teacher, spiritual counselor and has authored three heart-opening books. His greatest teacher has been his son, Kavi.

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Peter Mullin

Peter Mullin is founder and chairman of M Financial Holdings Inc. He and his wife Merle produce olive oil, wine, honey, and raise Cinta Senese pigs at their home in Italy. They also have created and operate a hydroponics/aquaponics model farm near Esalen and are partners in Sonoma’s Ram’s Gate winery.

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Peter Meyers

Peter Meyers author of As We Speak and founder and president of Stand & Deliver, a global communications consultancy, has worked for more than a decade helping leaders and their teams to enrich their presence and effectiveness through greater clarity, credibility, and connection.

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Peter Levine

Peter A. Levine, PhD, has a background in medical biophysics, psychophysiology, and psychology. He developed Somatic Experiencing®, founded the Foundation for Human Enrichment, and teaches internationally. His recent books include Waking the Tiger, Trauma and Memory, and Freedom from Pain.

Peter Bregman

Peter Bregman writes, coaches and teaches, mostly about leadership. He is CEO of Bregman Partners, a company that helps successful people become better leaders, create more effective teams and inspire their organizations to produce great results. He is a best-selling author of Leading with Emotional Courage, 18 Minutes, and more.

Pete Guinosso

Pete Guinosso, E-RYT 500, teaches yoga that is grounded in breath and intention, and always leaves room for playfulness and fun. After intensive training with renowned yoga instructor Ana Forrest, Pete founded his own yoga school and draws on his years as a scientist to approach yoga with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Perry Holloman

Perry Holloman has been a teacher and practitioner of Esalen Massage, Deep Bodywork and body-oriented approaches to Relational Gestalt Process work for more than 30 years. He teaches in the U.S., Asia and Europe, and makes his home in Big Sur.

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Peggy Rubin

Peggy Rubin is founding director of Sacred Theatre in Ashland, Ore. She leads workshops in Living Life as Sacred Theatre and Sacred Studies of the Divine Feminine. Since 1987 she has also been the principal teaching associate of Jean Houston.

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Peggy Horan

Peggy Horan gives Esalen Massage in a field of comfort and support, using stretches and deep muscle work to bring healing and relaxation to her clients. She has been practicing and teaching Esalen Massage for five decades and is the author of Connecting Through Touch, A Couples Massage Book.

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Pawan Bareja

Pawan Bareja, PhD, teaches mindfulness and trauma classes in the San Francisco Bay Area and at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She has trained professional care providers in India. In her private practice as a trauma resolution practitioner, she works with a diverse population of clients.

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Paula Shaw

Paula Shaw, a professional actress and acting teacher for more than 40 years, has conducted workshops for those interested in expanding their self-expression, well-being and creativity in the U.S., Canada, Germany and the UK.

Paul Wehrman

Paul Wehrman is a guest practitioner of the Esalen Massage crew, and former resident of Esalen. As a Deep Bodywork specialist, he resides in Santa Barbara, Calif., where he maintains a private practice and teaches Yin Yoga.

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Paul Sibcy

Paul Sibcy is a founding faculty member of Process Acupressure who has been teaching and practicing since 1984. A founder of Palo Alto's Integrated Healing Arts and Pathways to Self Healing, he is the author of Healing Your Rift with God.

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Paul Selig

Paul Selig is a conscious channel, intuitive and empath. His books include I Am the Word, The Book of Love and Creation, The Book of Knowing and Worth, The Book of Mastery, The Book of Truth, The Book of Freedom and Beyond the Known: Realization.

Paul Heussenstamm

Paul Heussenstamm comes from a family immersed in art and spirituality. At 35, he began painting in earnest after a single art class expanded into a consuming passion, a new profession, and a new perspective on life. He understands mandalas as psychic maps and symbols of wholeness.

Paul Grilley

Paul Grilley has taught yoga since 1979. His asana classes integrate skeletal variation and the importance of fascia. He teaches meditation informed by the theories of his teacher Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama.

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Paul Denniston

Paul Denniston created Grief Yoga™ blending movement, yoga, breath and sound to process and release pain and suffering. Paul has taught thousands of counselors and health care professionals Grief Yoga™ to help empower their clients around the world.

Patrick Douce

Patrick Douce, one of Moshe Feldenkrais's first American students, has been associated with Esalen since 1972. Since 1986 he has lived some months of each year in Bali, developing programs with Indonesian Silat martial-arts-for-health schools.

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Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson is an executive coach and transformative facilitator. He is the cofounder of the T12N Institute, which offers specialized coaching and programs, including the flagship Coaching Mastery training, for leaders who are making a foundational shift in their lives.

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Patricia De Jong

Patricia de Jong, Rev, is an ordained minister and community leader with experience in educational and graduate institutions. She works as a consultant to emerging leaders nationally and coaches in spiritual nurture and transformation. She is deeply involved in justice and peace issues.

Patricia Berry

Patricia Berry, PhD, is a Jungian analyst who worked with James Hillman for more than 20 years in developing Archetypal Psychology and its focus on myth and image. She is the author of Echo’s Subtle Body: Contributions to an Archetypal Psychology.

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Patrice Hamilton

Patrice Hamilton has worked in the fields of education and counseling for more than 20 years. She holds an MEd in counseling, is a certified Cortical Field Reeducation practitioner and teacher, a certified Hakomi Practitioner (The Refined Method), and is trained in Esalen Massage.

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Pamela Weiss

Pamela Weiss has been practicing Buddhism since 1987, including several years of Zen monastic training and teacher training with Jack Kornfield through Spirit Rock. Pamela leads a weekly sitting group at SF Insight and offers retreats and workshops internationally.

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Paméla Espinoza

Paméla Espinoza is an Esalen® Massage practitioner/teacher who weaves the interconnective relationships of the body through spiral patterning and movement. She has been involved with the healing arts since 1972.

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Pam Kramer

Pam Kramer is a career specialist, executive coach and human potential expert. She is president of ITP International, stewarding the work of Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy and George Leonard, author and visionary. Pam is a frequent Esalen workshop leader.

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Pam Houston

Pam Houston is the author of six books including Deep Creek: Finding Hope In The High Country, Cowboys Are My Weakness and Contents May Have Shifted. She teaches at the Institute of American Indian Arts, UC Davis and is co-founder of Writing By Writers.

Oliver Bailey

Oliver Bailey is a practitioner and instructor of Esalen® Massage. His background includes training in Gestalt Practice, neurolinguistic programming, intuitive work, and meditation.

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Nora Matten

Nora Matten is a member of the Esalen massage crew and an Esalen Massage® teacher. As part of the Esalen movement staff, she teaches dance and yoga. Her work draws on Forrest yoga, Soul Motion, vipassana meditation, Gestalt Awareness Practice and the Diamond Approach, among others modalities.

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Nora Bateson

Nora Bateson is president of the International Bateson Institute, Sweden. She is a filmmaker, lecturer, researcher, writer, and educator. Nora wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning documentary, An Ecology of Mind. She lectures and teaches internationally, and has advised for EU policy makers, created curricula for schools, and written for several journals.

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Noël Vietor

As co-founder of Wildtender, Noël Vietor is dedicated to helping people build meaningful relationships with the self, the earth and the community. Having found healing and a sense of belonging while hiking the Big Sur wild, Noël is honored to create this opportunity for others through Wildtender’s immersive wilderness programs.

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Noah Maze

Noah Mazé has a fierce and compassionate dedication to yoga that inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind and spirit than they ever could have imagined. Noah teaches internationally and online, and lives with his family in Los Angeles.

Nina Wise

Nina Wise is a performance artist and founder of Motion Theater, a form of autobiographical performance. Her provocative and original works have been honored with 7 Bay Area Critics’ Circle Awards and 3 National Endowment for the Arts fellowships.

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Nina Simons

Nina Simons, co-founder of Bioneers, is a social entrepreneur, author, philanthropic advisor and activist. Her purposes include regenerative leadership, women’s leadership, indigenous wisdom and social practices, anti-racism and healing relationships with ourselves, each other and the Earth. Her book, Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, won two Nautilus awards.

Nina Merrens

Nina Merrens is a global leadership expert with 20 years of experience. Based in Munich, Nina founded Intercultural Communication, facilitates leadership seminars for the United Nations, and is a consultant on organizational culture for large private-sector clients worldwide. She teaches intercultural sensitivity at a leading German university.

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Nilima Bhat

Nilima Bhat is founder of Sampurnah: The Wholeness Practice. She facilitates personal transformation through self-awareness, self-leadership, and self-empowerment. After a successful multinational career, she was certified as a yoga teacher and became an integrative medicine coach and spiritual guide.

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Nikki Myers

Roxanne "Nikki" Myers is a yoga therapist, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, certified recovery specialist and founder of CITYOGA School of Yoga and Health. Nikki is the co-founder of Y12SR, the Yoga of 12-Step Recovery.

Nikki Mirghafori

Nikki Mirghafori, PhD, is an empowered Buddhist teacher, Stanford University-trained compassion cultivation instructor, former Berkeley academic, artificial intelligence scientist, start-up advisor and author. She serves on the Teachers Council and the Board of Directors at Spirit Rock and Insight Meditation Center.

Nicholas Wilton

Nicholas Wilton is an artist whose paintings are sold internationally. He is the founder of the ArtLife Creativity workshops and classes, and he established the Creative Visionary Mentoring Program, which offers artistic, business, and creative coaching to artists.

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Neil Sharp

Neil Sharp, MD, finds the neuroscience, learning, and creativity of the Anat Baniel Method forges his diverse passions into a common purpose. He has collaborated with Ms. Baniel since 2006, teaching private sessions, groups, and doing research. He also is a professional musician.

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